I am looking for models of all sizes and ages!

Previous experience in modelling is not required.

What Will It Cost?

Nothing! You get a photographer for free and I get a model. This will be a working collaboration between us and is a common practice.

The exact details of our collaboration can be discussed, such as which pictures are kept, which are edited, etc.


I will pay for all your expenses, such as travelling costs, food, drink and anything else related to the photo shoot.

In addition, I will also pay for any items of clothing , if we need anything specific that you don’t have. 

Model Release

Please keep in mind that all models with whom I work with have to sign a model release. This release does not authorise the commercial use of the pictures just that you have willingly taken part in a photo shoot.

I absolutely have no desire to sell any pictures that are a result of our collaboration!

Are You Interested?

To apply, fill out the casting form and send me some pictures of yourself along with your contact information.

Once I have received your application I will get in touch with you as soon as I can.

You are also welcome to contact me via social media.