General Questions:

I began taking photographs professionally in the mid 1990s after studying at the London School of Photography.

I went on a trip to Switzerland in 1992 and came home very disappointed with the photographs I’d taken so I decided to study photography.

I try to do as little editing as possible for a couple of reasons.

First of all, it is no fun editing 200-300 photographs after a photo shoot. Another reason is I like my photographs to reflect reality as much as possible.

Sometimes some small edits are unavoidable but I have had requests to edit a person’s look that rendered them unrecognisable.

No. I always work on my own and the only creative input I want is from the model working with me.

No. I find it is usually quicker and easier to do things myself than to try and vocalise what I want to another person.

Having more people than necessary at a photo shoot only distracts and makes the model nervous.

Sometimes if the model has a friend for support I will make use of them.

Yes. Generally speaking a model should always take someone with them if they need moral support or company to make them feel more secure. Any photographer who says no to this request shouldn’t be trusted, in my opinion.

That said, a model should only take with her a female friend because more often than not a male friend will make a model more nervous.

Yes, I am happy to provide references upon request.


Most common questions and answers

Here you will find some of the most common questions I get asked along with the answers.

If you have a question which is not answered here, please feel free to ask.

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Pre-Order Questions:

If I am being paid by a client, the resulting photographs will not have a visible watermark.

If a model is receiving photographs as compensation for their time then a small watermark may be visible.

It depends entirely on what was agreed before the day of the shoot.

Typically I provide more than the agreed amount of pictures but that usually depends on the result of the photo shoot.

It depends how many photographs are ordered and how much editing is involved.

Usually photographs will be ready between 5-10 working days from the day of the photo shoot.

No. I retain the copyright of all images taken during a photo shoot unless it is explicitly written into the contract.

No. I don’t provide raw or unedited files.

If you are interested in hiring me I am open to working within your budget. My main motivation isn’t money, it is how interesting the project is.