A Beginning of A New Venture
Booksculpturing, anyone?
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#jagärpappig is a craft exhibition put on by Hemslöjden Skåne. It aims at exploring what can be made with paper, anything and everything is on display here, you can find something to inspire you, whether you’re five years old or 95! I’m represented in this collection with a flapbox containing 8 books, namely my take on Carmencho Arrregui’s CSB book structures. Made with just paper and thread, no glue or anything else is required for these bindings, they’re beautiful in their (veiled) simplicity. The box is just as simply, not glued, just stitched where necessary, only something basic to house the bindings and keep them safe.


If you want to come and see all these wonderful items made by talented craftspeople, make your way to LA (i.e Landskrona). The exhibition opens 10 September, 11.30. All welcome 🙂


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