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Booksculpturing, anyone?

On 15 Oct, I will be teaching some workshops in simple origami (child friendly) and booksculpting. These workshops are a part of a recycling day held at Helsingborgs Stadsbibliotek, and aim to show what you can do make with old, unwanted books and scrap paper which will usually be consigned to the bin, but you can produce some really stunning things so why throw it away?

Come along and join in the fun, I’ll be showing you how to make origami stars which can easily be assembled into mobiles or used as christmas tree decorations, and boxes if time’s permitted. I’ll guide you through every step, so children are welcome, all I ask for is a bit of patience. Places are limited.

Booksculpting looks far more difficult than it really is, the difficulty lies in the prep work (i.e making a design fit onto the pages of a book, hence there will be a few different designs already calculated and printed out ready for folding). I’ll go through the different steps, then it is up to you, to have stamina and keep folding. At the end of it you might come out of it with an ampersand, heart or maybe a Superman booksculpture, which I’ll bet your kid will love! The same applies here, places are limited,  so have your elbows greased when the doors open! Hope to see you there.




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