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A Beginning of A New Venture

Cap & Design

One of my dreams, well beyond my dreams really, came true with the issue (No.5 2015) of Cap & Design. I was asked if I would like to be featured in an issue being mainly about handcrafted objects, this would be in the gallery section which would feature several prominent crafts people, and little me. I was stunned when I got the magazine and saw I had a whole page displaying my work. My monsters have gone global, well maybe not global but a fair bit outside of my current realm being my head and shared on my website.

Konst på stan, Helsingborg (Inom Mat & Bar)

I have had a few exhibitions before but it’s been awhile, and I know that I like my monsters (which are my current thing, as you might have noticed) but it’s a different thing to expose yourself completely and let other people judge what you have put your heart and soul into. I got accepted to show as a part of collective exhibition, whose aim is to bring art to the masses through the settings of shops, restaurants, etc. I was allotted Inom Mat & Bar, a chic restaurant with a hip retro feel. How the heck would my monsters fit in? Well, pretty well, I think, what do you think? For a week my monsters were residing in the restaurant. It was a good experience and I got really good feedback which was cool (and a relief!).

…And more to come

Lots of new things in the pipeline and the acquisition of materials, machines and tools is neverending, and the hunt goes on. Acquired this year alone, Silver Bullet plotter, Hix heat transfer press, Iwata airbrushes and compressor, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! It’s a fulltime job just trying to keep an eye on all various auction – and secondhand websites!


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